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This website is designed to replace our newsletter, Keeping in Touch,”so we can communicate more often. I hope to keep you up with important developments and ideas that affect us all. You are welcome to respond. We can have a dialogue with each other as friends and clients

It is my opinion that I am responsible to share the truth as I understand it. You can decide the validity of my ideas and their value to you. If I just say what people already “know” or agree with, my information will be of little value. Hopefully, the information and ideas we share will keep us ahead of fast moving events.

You will find specific ideas from time to time in the client sign in section. You will need a password to sign in. Please do not share this privileged information with non-clients. It could be inappropriate for those who  have  not prepared a proper foundation.

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read all about it

Latest Newsletter–May 2013 issue of Keeping In Touch now published.

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 VIEW Latest Additions for recent post.  The April Keeping In Touch newsletter has been posted. Comments are welcome.

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Heartfelt Inspiration

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Our OCTOBER Keeping In Touch Newsletter is published .

Access the Newsletter by clicking on the Keeping In Touch tab at the top of the page.

You might also want to view the new video under Inspirational and the latest article under Important information.

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Today we have added information to Bank On Yourself Information, Cartoons & Comments, and Important Information.

Check it out and give us your comments.

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New Posts 7/16/12

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Response to blog

A blog arrived dated the 5th of December 2011. I will not reproduce it here because of its length. It was a remarkable document. It clearly outlined a number of points. Each of the points was backed up with any number of references. This individual certainly did his homework.

As I read it through, I first thought, “This is a remarkably tongue in cheek document”. At first, it seemed clear that he was stating obvious untruths so that everyone would immediately recognize the untruths and have a good laugh. Reading further, it became clear he was serious about these points. I will just name a few of these items in brief.

1) “There is plenty of good news out there”

2) “The recession officially ended in June of 2009″

3) “The unemployment rate is falling”

4) “The stock market has risen 53% recently and is still cheap”

I was enjoying each point and the irony of each statement until he included some points that were at least partially true. Then I realized he really believed what he was saying. How sad. He ended by expressing his distress over  negative thinking about “tough times”. In effect, he was  urging that we look up and rejoice because “Happy times are here again”.

Reading this piece made me realize that I need to communicate my philosophy to all those who are joining this blog. I spend more than three hours per day, 7 days per week, studying facts, trends, ideas, logic behind changes and possibilities for the future. I regard  it as my job to uncover the facts and the likely outcome of the trends, so that I and all my friends and clients will be aware of developments and can avoid potential disasters as well as take full advantage of opportunities. I see it as my job to tell the truth as clearly as I can and not hold back anything. In addition, if I  should be wrong, I would  welcome correction.

The truth is, that even in bad times, changes create opportunities as well as losses. My goal is to take full advantage of the opportunities as they come, so that we can prosper in changing and difficult times, be a help and a blessing to others, and ultimately to our great Republic, which was founded to give political protection to our God-given rights. 

There is one thing in which I heartily agree with this individual. There is no reason  to ever become discouraged or give up. There are always plenty of reasons to look forward, to look up, and to do the best we can with our God-given intelligence, resources and opportunities. I believe myself to be a realist and an optimist. It seems completely misdirected to give people hope by denying reality. I would rather tell it like it is and  give them hope by sharing the understanding, the resources, and the opportunities to do something positive and make things better. I hope you find that approach to life is  beneficial. 



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Very shortly I hope to begin adding information to various tab items. You might want to visit these sites on occassion to see if there is any new information available.

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