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About Bill Lenderman

Bill Lenderman is El Paso’s old fashion finance dude! He believes in providing his clients with a safe, secure way to grow their wealth without using the stock market. Using an In-Touch financial plan, Bill Lenderman can help you grow your wealth while you are still in control of your money.


Bill Lenderman is an honest, patriotic gentleman. Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. He grew up learning the importance of discovering your true passions. He graduated from the University of Delaware as a Distinguished Military graduate. He also met his beautiful wife while attending school. After graduation, Bill started his military career in El Paso, as well as two tours in Vietnam. He was a plane pilot, helicopter pilot, and was even in a plane crash during the war. Bill is a very proud military veteran who believes in all that the United States and American Constitution stand for.


When he got out of the Army, Bill realized that accumulating wealth was the true way to reach financial success. He started studying the art of savings and growing wealth until he became a master at it. Bill loves growing his client’s wealth. Really, he does! All day, even work is fun for Bill. He loves his clients, many of which become friends, so it never feels like work. Bill even calls it fun! Bill prides himself on his ability to stand in his client’s shoes and show them where their financial future is currently headed and where they can make improvements. Every client is different, and their needs are different too, creating a unique financial plan for each client is Bill’s passion.  


When Bill isn’t at work, he is a collector, collecting items such as gold and silver. He even collects turtles and has had up to fifty of them at a time. In fact, Bill and his wife rescued most of them during severe flooding in Carlsbad, New Mexico while on a trip. Bill is also a part of the non-profit organization, Military Order of The World Wars (MOWW ). The MOWW is a made up of self-selected military officers who are retired and care very much about the United States. They spend their time teaching children about our wonderful country and constitution, as well as the proper use of the military. Bill loves living in El Paso, even though there is no grass or trees or anything green there is still always something beautiful to look at. The sunshine is always out, and that’s why everyone is happy and in a good mood!
Bill’s heart and soul bleed through in everything he does. You won’t find anyone as passionate and honest in the wealth growing industry as El Paso’s Financial Dude, Bill Lenderman. If you’re interested in getting to know more about Bill and how he can help you grow your wealth, feel free to give him a call today.

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