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August Newsletter 2017

August 2017


For many decades, America had the greatest educational system in the world. It was simply following God’s requirement that the parents were responsible for the education of their own children. It is true that people sometimes hired tutors to help their children in specialized subjects. None the less, the parents controlled the education of their children from start to finish.

Once the federal government took over the education system, it was no longer education. No government in the world has ever produced or supported a true educational system. They always develop an elaborate system of propaganda (brain washing) meant to equalize everyone, no matter what their interests and skills might be. In addition, everyone is taught to be a docile ward of the state and not to question their circumstances, but to be grateful to the leaders who have given to them whatever freedoms still remain.

Because of this systematic brainwashing that our children now undergo and the “free” government schools that make them so attractive, people have been taught to grow up, find a job, pay their taxes, spend their money, trust the government for their future, and volunteer to risk their lives in senseless wars.

I’m proud to say that many of my clients aren’t falling into that trap. They have recognized , that if they are to be successful, first they have to set aside funds in the form of savings so that they can handle emergencies as they come and take full advantage of real opportunities which can be quite profitable. By doing this, they are developing a certain level of personal freedom when others around them are stuck in a slavery of their own making.

I have come to recognize that ninety percent of all Americans, despite the fact that they are wonderful people, fail financially. They find themselves in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with nothing significant in savings. They are entirely dependent upon government largess. Ten percent think differently. They don’t depend on the government for their present or their future opportunities. They make their own. They start with savings, build these savings to the point where they are independent financially. Then they begin to enjoy life and to take advantage of real opportunities. They are no longer governed by somebody else’s whims.

In order to correctly understand the events that surround us, it is necessary to have accurate information, not propaganda. I recommend two sources to you. Please take my suggestions seriously and plug into them.

First, I recommend that you look up the John Birch Society on your computer and sign up for the free weekly commentaries on the news. These discussions are usually five to eight minutes long. They will open your eyes about the reality of current events, the people and the circumstances behind the events. They will give you a much better understanding of dangers and opportunities that exist.

Second, I would suggest you go back into my website at keepingintouchfinancial.com. Each one of the videos was meant to be educational. They were meant to inform people about resources they did not know about or to help them understand mistakes they have been making that lead to failure. I suggest you study all the issues that interest you. Continue educating yourself on the realities of both the economy and the government and the way they affect one another. With this basic information you should be in the position to avoid unexpected problems that could be expensive and disastrous for your finances. Changes always create opportunities. Put yourself in the position to prosper. Don’t be with the ninety percent of the people who fail. It is important that you educate yourself well enough to recognize potential dangers and clearly see opportunities.

You have the opportunity to not only take full control of your lives, but also to prosper whether times are good or bad. Take full advantage of these opportunities. Enjoy the benefits that come with financial success.