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April Newsletter 2016

“EXPERIENCING SUCCESS ONE GOOD IDEA AT A TIME” Last night, on the 16th of March 2016, my wife and I watched an engaging movie entitled “The Big Short”. The movie reminded me of my responsibility to keep you ahead of the game so that you are not surprised by events […]

March Newsletter 2016

“EXPERIENCING SUCCESS ONE GOOD IDEA AT A TIME” In early 2000, the government wanted to boost the economy and to increase the number of people who owned homes. As a result, they literally forced the banks to make bad loans to people who had no capacity to pay the mortgage […]

February Newsletter 2016

“Experiencing Success One Good Idea at a Time” Anticipating the Future The United States of America was founded upon a unique idea. The primary purpose of government at all levels was to protect citizens from thieves, robbers, swindlers, murderers, and from outside invasions. The whole purpose of free enterprise is […]

January 2016 Newsletter

“EXPERIENCING SUCCESS ONE GOOD IDEA AT A TIME” What you Probably Haven’t and Wouldn’t be Taught About Wealth—and Should Be Dr. Sherwood Kaip The Problem The Marxist ‘worldview’ (from the previous newsletters) can be understood by most anyone whose IQ exceeds their age. So why are the ‘rich’ (economically successful) […]