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August Newsletter 2017

August 2017 FREEDOM AT A PERSONAL LEVEL For many decades, America had the greatest educational system in the world. It was simply following God’s requirement that the parents were responsible for the education of their own children. It is true that people sometimes hired tutors to help their children in […]


LEVELS OF FREEDOM If you read the Declaration of Independence signed July 4th, 1776, you will recognize that the American government was developed to provide legal protection for our God-given rights. As long as we were following the principles in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, we were the freest […]

June 2017 Newsletter

  June 2017                                KEEPING IN TOUCH  When we enter the second act of our life, when it is time to enjoy what we have made, we will have the freedom to work only if we want to. This is a significant part of the definition of financial success. To have […]