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Charles Russell

Paratransit Operator
Approximate date you started With Bill Lenderman:
Sept. 2009
What were your biggest doubts or concerns when you first heard about Bill Lenderman?
I heard Pam Yellen on the radio asking the 18 questions, and, of course, I answered yes to all of them. I wanted a way to grow some private wealth that was safe, constant, something we could count on being there when we needed without worrying how the market was doing today, tomorrow, and the next day. I’ve participated in several 401K programs at my previous jobs as well as the present one, and, we were always able to save some, which we’d end up spending when we had to move on.
What did you experience as a result of using Bill Lenderman?
When I finally overcame my doubts, I was referred to Bill Lenderman inEl Paso,TX, just down the road fromLas Cruces, and he gathered all our financial information so he could come up with and overall plan to start a bank on yourself policy for Julie and I. He helped us see that we could restructure our finances through refinancing the house, borrowing from our 401K, to get started on a bank on yourself policy. In the process, we were able to pay off our primary car, and thus save even more so that we could put the savings into our bank on yourself account, and thus grow it steadily, consistently and safely. Since then we have watched it grow month to month, and have used it to buy a second car (pickup), pay off another car loan, as well as pay of our 401K loan. I still marvel that we have been able to see such growth in such a short time – about two ! and one half years so far. Bill has been a source of much wisdom and help along the way.
What specific feature do you like most?
Since I am close to retirement, I am so thankful just to watch it grow so that we can have something to supplement our other retirement pensions, social security and savings. Also, I’m thankful for the protection it offers should something happen to either Julie or me. Either one of us could continue to live as we have, without having to worry about losing the house or paying the ongoing bills.
What other benefits do you like?
It’s good to know that we have a solid foundation for the future, and even be able to leave something to our children and grandchildren.
If you’ve used your policy to finance any purchases yourself, can you tell us what you’ve used it for and how it made you feel?
It’s so great to be able to borrow from yourself and pay it all back to yourself and watch the policy grow even more.
Would you recommend Bill Lenderman? If so, why?
I certainly would recommend it to almost anyone and have shared it with some of my grown children. I believe it is a tried and true way for anyone to grow their wealth consistently year by year and to have a solid financial foundation for their family.
Is there anything you’d like to add? Please feel free to include your experience with Bill Lenderman.
I’m very glad that I was introduced to the Bank On Yourself concept by Bill Lenderman, my financial mentor, and his helping us to put together a financial plan to put us on a solid footing for the future. Thanks Bill. I applaud you for helping us and others to grow their future.

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