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December Newsletter 2015

“Experiencing Success One Good Idea at a Time”

What you Probably Haven’t and Wouldn’t be Taught
about Wealth—and Should Be
Dr. Sherwood Kaip

People who have given many favors often don’t feel the need to get all the favors ‘owed’ them (and thus they have money on hand). They may just decide to give some of the gets owed them (money they haven’t already spent) to others. This is charity. This should not be considered a legal obligation because the reason they have money is they already gave more favors than they received gets (bearing in mind that the money they received is only an intermediate step). Many, including most of the people who do it, would think of giving a portion of the results of their productivity (giving favors to some others while not expecting to get any in return) as a moral (but voluntary) obligation. They have been fortunate enough at producing for themselves that they are willing to share some of that productivity (gets owed them) with others who, for whatever reason, have been unable to successfully produce much for themselves (through serving others).

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