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Eric McInteer

Supervising Agent – Life Insurance Sales
Approximate date you started working with Bill Lenderman:
June 2010
What were your biggest doubts or concerns when you first heard about Bill Lenderman?
I had very few doubts initially about Bank On Yourself because the program was endorsed by many prominent self-made millionaires.
What did you experience as a result of using Bill Lenderman?
I’ve been using the program for roughly two years now and it’s given me flexibility to transition from working for someone else to starting my own insurance agency. I’ve effectively doubled my income because Bank On Yourself has given me the financial liquidity needed to make a two month transition period between industries.
What specific feature do you like most?
I appreciate the fact that the cash value continues to grow uninhibited when a policy loan is taken out.
What other benefits do you like?
The liquidity of a Bank On Yourself account provides flexibility that many other investment strategies lack.
If you’ve used your policy to finance any purchases yourself, can you tell us what you’ve used it for and how it made you feel?
I used a policy loan to finance business trips and to cover two months worth of expenses while changing industries. I like the freedom that liquidity provides.
Would you recommend Bill Lenderman? If so, why?
The #1 reason I would recommend Bank On Yourself to a friend or family member is it always increases in value regardless of unstable market conditions. This vehicle makes investing simple for the everyday American.
Is there anything you’d like to add? Please feel free to include your experience with Bill Lenderman.
I have a tremendous amount of respect for my Advisor, William Lender III inEl Paso,Texas. He takes a genuine interest in his clients at a human level and works hard to provide people with the financial education needed to make wise decisions. Many financial advisers are nothing more than salesmen but Bill is different. He has the heart of a teacher and genuinely cares about his clients. I’ve referred him to business associates and friends in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

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