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If you read the Declaration of Independence signed July 4th, 1776, you will recognize that the American government was developed to provide legal protection for our God-given rights. As long as we were following the principles in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, we were the freest and most prosperous nation in the world.

From the very beginning of our Republic, the structure of this nation has been attacked by evil men. On the 1st of May, 1776, Professor Adam Weishaupt formally organized the latest version of the Communist attempt to take over the entire world and to rule as a tyranny. The strategy has always been to attack where we are most vulnerable—slavery, the Civil War, and the like. Over time the Marxist have gained enormous influence. In fact, over the last 100 years or so, we have primarily followed the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto, while ignoring the American Constitution and while blaming the Constitution for our troubles.

Marxism is simply one form of slavery, where the elite rule over individuals and individuals have no rights except what they are allowed by the ruling class. The first step in throwing off this tyranny is to educate ourselves and then to stop being so passive, when bad laws are being considered or enforced.

This process of destruction accelerated in 1913 when sound money was replaced with paper currency. A prosperous economy can not continue to grow using phony money as its foundation.


The political process has degenerated from nearly the beginning of the nation. The first president, George Washington, was placed in his position by Electors, who were chosen by the state legislators and given the responsibility to nominate the very best and finest leaders in the country. The individual who received the most votes from the Electors would be President. The second largest number of votes would determine the Vice-Presidency.

With the development of two corrupt parties, which are currently called Republican and Democrat, the method of electing the President was subverted early on. This meant that the American public lost control of the presidency. Under the present process, it is easy for corrupt politicians and the corrupt media to present corrupt candidates to the public and to fool the public into voting for candidates, who would be better suited as inmates in jail than as leaders of this nation.

In 1913, the states lost control of the election of Senators. Senators had always been chosen at the state level to represent the interest of the states and were a great balance against the wild spending of the House of Representatives. Since federal expenses were paid by the states—not through income tax. Senators were also a great stabilizing influence in the government. They weren’t likely to follow passing fads. Now that they are elected by popular vote, they are no different than Representatives except they have a longer time to create damage before they need to face reelection.



There were many reasons why American patriots worked so hard to overthrow the tyranny of Great Britain. One of these was the fact that they were being taxed to finance Britain’s wars without any right to an opinion or a vote in the process. Imagine a tax revolt when the taxes at the time were approximately 3%. Now, there isn’t one tyrant 3,000 miles away. There are three thousand tyrants one mile away. As a result, any ordinary American who makes a living and is in the lowest tax bracket, is going to have his income taxed at a rate of at least 30%, 15 % for income tax plus another 15% for Social Security.

Ironically, when this country suffered the horrors of slavery, a skilled slave was allowed to save 10% of the money he earned annually. In 10 years, he could save enough to buy his own freedom by paying one year’s income to his owner. From that point on, he was a free man. There were no income taxes in the land. Now, there is no way to escape the tax trap for most people. There is certainly no way to buy our freedom from the tyranny of taxes, laws, and regulations which are meant to control every aspect of our lives.


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