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July Newsletter 2016

“Experiencing Success One Good Idea at a Time”



For many years, on the third Tuesday of every month, I have been holding a public meeting to go through the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution idea by idea. We discuss the origins of each of the ideas and the results of those ideas that built our Constitution resulting in the greatest country in modern history. .

Several weeks ago I attended the Republican convention in El Paso, Texas. This was an all day affair. It is clear to me that the people there believe themselves to be patriotic and really, truly cared about the country. I would like to say that they wanted to be like superman. His motto was “truth, justice and the American way”. Sadly, they had no idea of what they were defending, and as a result, they did potential damage to this nation.



The Constitution explains how a president and vice-president are to be elected. George Washington, the first president under the new Constitution, was elected in the following manner. Each state legislature was to appoint electors, who were wise men who knew the character and quality of individuals who would be worthy of the office of president and vice-president. Electors in each state were to choose three individuals as candidates. Only one could be chosen from their home state. These names were sent to Washington. Once all of the names had been counted, the one with the most votes became president and the one with the second most votes became vice-president.


I don’t know exactly how this system was abandoned. But it has been replaced by one which is highly corrupt. At present, elite bankers and politicians collude to choose the candidates, parade them in front of the public and use the media as their propaganda machine. No matter who we vote for, with a couple of notable exceptions, all these hand-picked people are chosen because they will follow the Marxist new world agenda, which has been approved by the elite.


The Constitutional method using state chosen electors allowed the control to remain with American citizens. If a bad president and a bad vice-president were chosen by the electors, it was relatively easy to replace the state legislators, who made such bad choices. As a result, competent, patriotic individuals were chosen as electors and the public maintained control of the process.


Over the course of years, however, the process has morphed into what we see at present. It is a circus. For over a century, each succeeding president has usually proven to be worse than the one before. The current President has certainly done more damage than any others we have experienced. The criminal elite chose this man to follow their agenda. First, the Constitution requires that the president has to be born and raised an American. This president is not an American. Second, he is a Muslim. No Muslim has any place in the American government. The Muslim idea of an ideal government is more in line with communist ideals than with the idea of freedom and free enterprise.



This presidential circus serves to cover up the election of more important races.
Can you name the candidates for your State House or Senate? Can you name the candidates for the Federal House and Senate? The probability is you can not. These are much more important elections than that of the president or vice-president. After all, if a decent congress were to follow the Constitution, even the worst of presidents would have little power to harm or destroy the nation. The result of this deception is likely to be that the vast majority of the seditious and treasonous individuals, elected to the State and Federal levels will be re-elected. Even a good president could not overcome the evil these people have committed and plan to commit against our nation.



A trend I have been watching is the strong and heavily financed campaign to convene an Article V convention. Recognize that, in the Constitution, the founding fathers made provisions for alterations to the Constitution, when changes were considered necessary. Twenty seven amendments have been made since the founding of the nation. The first ten were brilliant and Godly amendments. Most of the remainder were either unnecessary or deadly and dangerous to our nation’s survival. None the less, none of them eliminated our Constitution.

Sadly, in the year 1913, we saw the establishment of a corrupt, private banking monopoly called the Federal Reserve, as well as the establishment of the personal income tax designed as a source of interest for payments to the Federal Reserve. The Federal government has steadily moved on the path to install the Communist Manifesto as our defacto Constitution, ignoring the real Constitution. Still we have blamed our Constitution for the problems that have developed as a result.

If you are not clear on the fact that we are following the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto, wait for the August Newsletter. It lists the 10 planks with examples of how each one of them has already been instituted. Every Marxist idea is forbidden in the Constitution. Sadly, the Constitution has been ignored.

In addition to the possibility to make changes to the Constitution using amendments, there was another system instituted. That is the Article V convention. The founding fathers determined that if the government should ever become oppressive to the safety and the prosperity of Americans, there had to be a way to overthrow the government and begin anew. That is the purpose of the Article V convention. This heavily publicized and highly promoted possibility allows 35 of the states to petition the federal government to force a new Constitutional convention. We are very close to having enough states to hold such a convention under a number of false flags. These false flags include the issues of religious liberty, a balanced budget, abortion, and many others. You can be sure if an Article V convention is held, our Constitution will be entirely replaced.

Our Constitution acknowledged that all rights come from God. The purpose of the government was to protect our God-given rights. Under the soviet model, there was religious freedom, unless a law was passed against it. It acknowledged the ability of citizens to defend themselves, except if there was a law passed against it. There are many other examples of this type, which I could cite. The whole critical difference between the two constitutions is that in America, it was assumed that God was the author of all rights and in the Soviet Union, it was assumed the government was the author of all rights. The resulting governments differ like night and day.

You now know some of the reasons the country has endured so many setbacks in freedom and in prosperity. I don’t like talking about these kinds of things, but it is part of my job to keep you well informed so that you can interpret events as they happen and understand who created the happenings. In this way, you should be able to avoid the losses that could destroy 90% of all Americans financially, resulting in a reduction of their freedoms. I want you to be and remain in the top 10% of the population, because you understand events as they happen. That should allow you to avoid the problems that are created and to give you the ability to take advantage of the opportunities that are always created when change occurs.
Please take this information seriously into account. Your future and the fate of future generations are at stake.


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