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Lizette Spatt

  1. Lizette Spatt says:

December 6, 2012, at 11:23 am

My husband and I are in the process of getting our first BOY policy. There should be responsibility in the advice Mr. Roth is giving to anybody that read his blog. If you haven’t tried how do you know it works? He should try and disprove the BOY first before he can say it doesn’t work. The reason I said this because we have tried stocks and many other investment strategies we can afford with every little money we have and none gave us anything back. NONE!!!!! We have read and “seminar ” ourselves out to make a future for ourselves and our children and spend “every penny” (no pun intended) we have, and NONE worked. I challenge Mr. Roth to try it and see for himself, like some of us. Put your own money on the line before you can say it doesn’t work and be humble to say you are wrong if it works. If I advise people about anything that pertains to spending their sweat and blood on something, I will make sure I have all the scenarios covered. It’s people’s lives, Mr. Roth, have some guts to help truly. If BOY works and you don’t advise people to try it, then you fail them miserably and the future of others that rely on them.

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