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May Newsletter 2016

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Wise Purchasing

When I was a boy my Mom used to have the saying,” If you don’t have any money or if you don’t need anything, don’t go shopping”. I didn’t always follow this advice. One look at my garage and you would see there are a number of things I have purchased over a lifetime and used once or never. These items add up to quite a bit. I thought you would find this simple but elegant advice to be useful, and in addition, it is a wonderful thing to pass on to the next generation as a legacy in terms of their training in the wise use of money as a financial tool.

Did you know that it’s possible to reduce your spending by 20%…without feeling one bit deprived?

It’s true! And it’s as simple to do as pausing to ask yourself a few questions before you make a purchase. Too often we spend money on things that don’t give us lasting satisfaction, joy or value, because advertisers are masters of manipulating us into buying things we don’t really need or want.


1. How long have I wanted and seriously considered this purchase?

2. Did I want this before I saw an ad for this, or saw someone with something similar?

3. The last time I purchased a similar item, how long did my enjoyment last?

4. If I finance or charge this item, will I still be paying for it after the pleasure is gone?

5. Can I postpone this purchase for a month, without causing harm or inconvenience to anyone?

Your answers to these questions will reveal whether a purchase will bring you lasting pleasure, or just be a waste of time.

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