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Newsletter April 2013

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 Changes you can expect if you are less than 65 years of age

 Obamacare is gradually having an effect on both health and sickness care in this country. An enormous change will take place on the first of January 2014. I will try to briefly outline some of these changes so you can be mentally prepared. You may ask why I am providing this information.It is very simple. These changes are going to have an enormous effect on the finances of every single person in this country.

 Starting January 1, 2014, every American will be required to have health insurance. Though the government may help some people with the cost of this insurance, you can expect the policies to cost 9.5% of your annual income. Anyone who refuses to buy health insurance, either because they don’t have the money, or because they don’t believe they have the need, will be forced to pay a penalty of 2.5% of their annual income or $695.00 per year, whichever is the greatest.

Many of us have chosen high deductible policies to keep the cost of health insurance as low as possible. The government will now mandate much richer coverage at a substantially greater price. Since the cost of richer coverage is likely to go up between 40 and 100% in 2014, and because the less expensive policies most people own now cost far less that these mandated policies, each of us may see price increases which could possibility be as much as three or four times what we are currently paying. I suspect, at this point, people will drop their health insurance and choose to pay the penalty instead. You can also expect, that over the next few years, the penalty will rise to the point where it is about the same cost as the insurance. At that point, people will switch back to the insurance policy whether they want to or not.

The annual Medicare tax will be increased by .9% for any couples making over $250,000.00 per year. In addition, any investment profits for those same couples will be taxed an additional 3.8%.

Expect the cost of drugs to go up significantly. Both the pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies will be required to pay billions in extra taxes on an annual basis. These taxes, of course, will trickle down as an increased price of drugs.

Businesses with more than 50 employees will be required to offer health insurance to their employees. If a single individual owns several small companies, and the total number of employees is 50 or more, all the employees in all these small companies must be covered. Many companies will reduce the amount of hours for the bulk of their employees so they will change to part-time status. These employees will be forced to pay their own insurance costs or will be forced to pay the annual penalty if they are not covered. The price the company pays for the insurance will, of course, skyrocket, and the price of private policies will skyrocket as well.

Illegal aliens will all be covered by health insurance.

The government will have real-time access to every individual’s bank account and will give itself the authority to make electronic funds transfers from these accounts. I suspect the real motive involved here is to allow themselves to raid your bank account to pay for health insurance premiums or to automatically charge penalties if a person chooses not to buy health insurance.

Union members, union retirees and community organizations such as ACORN will see their premiums subsidized by the government.

The Congress is exempt from all these rules and regulations.

Doctors will all be paid the same for their work regardless of their specialty. Their fees will be set by the government. You can expect many doctors, especially specialists, to quit or sell their practices so they can make an honest living some other way.

Do you think you have escaped since you are age 65 or older?

 If you are 65 or older, and believe you have escaped these changes, you may be in for a significant surprise.

Cancer care through hospitals will be rationed for people who are 65 or older.

Admission to the hospital for seniors will require that the patient be admitted by his primary physician if they wish Medicare to pay the bill. In the event of an emergency room visit, the cost will be treated as outpatient care so the amount the patient will be required to spend can be expected to skyrocket.

A number of items, including drugs, are now being denied for payment by Medicare. This is in anticipation of the changes coming in January of 2014.

Every individual on Social Security will be required to attend an “end of life” planning seminar every five years. This is a death counseling session designed to encourage people to die rather than to seek medical help in their latter years.

The government will specify which doctors can write an “end of life” order. This is a result of the death panel decision which will determine if you are worth saving or whether you should be “allowed to die.”

 What To Do

 It is critically important to take good care of ourselves. If we do things to make ourselves ill, we can usually depend on our miraculous bodies to heal if we will take thoughtful measures to help ourselves. Allowing the problem to happen or to get worse, then to turn to a doctor, has never worked well. From this point forward it probably won’t work at all. Treatment will either be denied, or the individual is going to go bankrupt paying out of pocket.

It is highly important we take care of ourselves by using both our God-given intelligence and the resources He has provided.



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