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Newsletter April 2015

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I am proud to live in the state of Texas. For the present, the state gun laws are more reasonable here than in many other states. However, some states and the Federal Government are using tragic gun killings as an excuse to tighten down on the right of American citizens to defend themselves.

It is important to understand that it is neither guns, nor knives, nor clubs, nor sticks, nor stones that kill people. It’s the people who use them who do the killing. Did you know that every individual who has committed the awful multiple murders which have been so recently publicized has been on mind altering legal drugs? It is the drugs that are driving individuals to either suicide or murder. These individuals are truly out of their minds due to drug induced insanity. It is politically profitable to blame weapons for the problem.

For example California has just set up a twenty-four million dollar program specifically for the purpose of confiscating firearms.

New York City has sent a letter to law abiding citizens demanding that they turn in their firearms if the weapon is capable of holding a magazine with the capacity of more than seven rounds. That includes any weapon that is fed by a magazine since someone can always build a magazine with a larger capacity.

Connecticut is now demanding that every resident who has a registered semi-automatic firearm must reregister. As of this writing, three hundred thousand residents have not yet complied. At least one Connecticut newspaper is demanding that these individuals be imprisoned for not conforming to this vicious, unconstitutional law.

Some states are going in the proper direction. I hope you will find this encouraging. These states are exercising their constitutional right to nullify federal laws within their state boundaries when those laws violate the Constitution.

Missouri and Idaho are two states working in this direction. In Idaho, a new law effectively prohibits Idaho officials from enforcing federal gun control laws and also penalizes the officers who would attempt to do such a thing. Alaska and Kansas both passed state nullification laws. Other states are considering the same. These include Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Arizona, and New Hampshire.
We can only hope that these states lead the process which will result in the advancement of greater freedom in all 50 states.

Recognize that the federal government has no constitutional right –in fact, is forbidden by the constitution—to pass any law regarding firearms held by private citizens.

We would be glad to make you aware of resources that will keep you up to date with current events and help you to remain secure in your lives and property. Part of our job is to help you see the whole picture so you can have greater control over your own lives. Give us a call.


In 2014 there was a confrontation between a Utah rancher with his supporters, and Federal Authorities who were killing and rustling his cattle. In his part of the country there used to be fifty cattle ranchers. Government officials have been harassing ranchers in a successful attempt to discourage and bankrupt them. This brave individual is the last one remaining. Several hundred people were involved in the confrontation against tanks, helicopters, and snipers organized by the Federal Authorities. Fortunately, the Federal authorities backed away for the time being. The fight is not over. The government has viciously attacked the ranchers personal character as a tactic to marginalize him and discourage anyone who would want to support his cause.

When the States formed the Federal Union, it was the intention that the Federal Government own no property other than necessary for the proper defense of the country. Any property held temporarily by the Federal Government was to be turned over to the States. It could then be retained as a state asset or sold to individuals. This would help the states provide needed services and also increase their tax base. All the states east of Texas soon took control over their land from the Federal Government. Some had to fight to accomplish the job, but they succeeded. All the states west of Texas are largely still illegally controlled by the Federal Government. I did not say the property is owned by the Federal Government. The Federal Government has no legal right to own the property.

While the Federal Government retains oversight of property, it charges a fee to ranchers. A significant part of this fee is supposed to be used to preserve the land and protect the ecology. In fact, the money is being used to acquire more land. Virtually all the land under Federal Government control is badly managed and is being slowly degraded.

Under private or state ownership the land is well cared for and protected.
Some states were tricked when they were told that, if they allowed the Federal Government to maintain control, they could expect the Federal Government to build schools and other useful structures with Federal funds. These promises were not kept. As of late, several western states have initiated lawsuits to force the return of land still being held fraudulently by the Federal Government. This is the same procedure that a number of eastern states successfully employed to reclaim their rightful property.

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