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Newsletter August 2015

“Experiencing Success One Good Idea at a Time”

I am in the process of putting together either four or five short videos which I believe are extremely important.

The first video describes the wonderful, God-inspired country we were given through our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and Christian heritage. I will discuss the wonderful checks and balances that provided freedom to all citizens for more than one hundred years.

Three other videos will deal with the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Presidency, and the destruction of constitutional money. These videos will show how developments in each one of those four areas are working to destroy the foundations of our great nation.

It is critically important that you understand the wonderful country we inherited in order to understand developments that are currently taking place.

I encourage you to go the website at keepingintouchfinancial.net to view these short videos when they become available. It is my intention that one will be issued each month probably starting in August of 2015.

You might consider adding the website, keepingintouchfinancial.net, to your desktop as an icon and check it to review all the videos and to see a new video every month during the year.

For those who are not computer savvy, I have put together a DVD of the first twelve videos recorded in 2014. Each of these is a six to twelve-minute discussion of important issues which people do not understand, or which they are not using effectively because they have been misinformed about their nature and purpose.

I hope that these videos will be of great value to you. Please contact me if you have questions or suggestions for other topics I may be qualified to discuss, or if you believe you see any errors in anything I have presented.

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