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Newsletter December 2014

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A recent case titled Hedges vs. Obama was refused by the Supreme Court. This refusal confirms the legal ability of the military to arrest and detain American citizens without a trial or benefit of counsel. The rationale behind this action is the attempt to prevent terrorism. The government gets to decide who is a potential terrorist and who is not. A simple criticism of the President or his administration could be enough to land a person in jail, either in America or in some other country for life, without even being charged and without a trial. Torture is another strong probability.

If you have read the Declaration of Independence, which is one of our two founding documents, you will recognize this is a violation of one of our critically important God-given, constitutionally protected rights.

Another development is the increasing use of “secret evidence”. A trial is held. A defendant can be tried and found guilty without ever knowing the evidence against him and without the jury or even the judge having access to the evidence if indeed any exists. Under these circumstances, lawyers will not even be allowed to read their own briefs in defense of the people who are accused. This makes little difference since the lawyer may not even know where the prisoner is being held.

Even American soldiers are potentially subject to this kind of treatment as a result of their actions overseas.

“The President of the United States—“has” this power to detain indefinitely without charges, without trial, without arrest warrant, without jury, just to be able to hold someone who they think might be a threat of some sort” –
William Olsen, a constitutional attorney.

Individuals are being killed on a weekly basis by the use of drones. There are no trials, simply suspicions these individuals may be doing something against America’s interests. The people being killed are mostly foreigners but also include American citizens. Government officials are committing murder without fear of punishment for their crimes.

Perhaps you believe that these kinds of issues do not apply to you and me. Please consider that individuals, who stand for the Constitution, criticize the government, are Christians, or who are military, or ex-military, are all openly considered to be potential terrorists. Worse still, constitutional law professor Andrew Napolitano points out that prisoners can be indefinitely detained even after they are acquitted of their crimes.

I was raised in the post-war period when Hitler in Nazi Germany was roundly criticized for these kinds of vicious policies. Even Adolf Hitler didn’t have the power to detain people who were judged innocent in a proper trial.

A first critical step we need to take as citizens is to be sure we are sound financially. Then we can be positive influences in our society.

Let us help you with those fundamentals which lead to personal success and greater freedom.


It would be wise to avoid crowds or demonstrations that involve large groups of people. It is more and more likely that federal troops will be dispatched to quell demonstrations. Their response to demonstrations could easily turn deadly. It is even possible that federal employees will be used to initiate incidents leading to bloodshed. It is wise to stay away.
People join demonstrations when they feel hopeless and abused. We need to take control of everything within our power to control.

For instance, there are ways family members can help each other to create wealth safely. This is one of the fundamental approaches to prevent family members from being trapped in circumstances that would lead them to become dependent on the Federal Government or to join demonstrations petitioning the government for benefits the government is not capable of providing without destroying the recipients.

Let us help you with those fundamentals which lead to personal success and greater freedom.

Talk to us about ways you can begin to ensure financial independence for yourself and for people you love.

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