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Newsletter July 2015

“Experiencing Success One Good Idea at a Time”


The government has given individuals and small companies a temporary reprieve in regard to Obama care. It would be my suggestion to look carefully at your present health insurance policies before changing over to the government program when the next open period arrives. You may be sadly surprised to find that, if you make a living income, the cost of such a policy will be substantial. In addition, the deductibles are likely to be much higher than your present coverage and, even though some preventive benefits have been added, quite a number of important and necessary benefits have been deleted. Watch out for this potential trap. I know of one consulting engineer who makes $60,000.00 a year or more. His $5,000.00 deductible Obama care policy costs $482.00 per month at present. His girlfriend, who makes $18,000.00 a year, pays $4.00 a month for the same coverage.

It has long been one of the purposes of socialist governments to punish productive people and to make slaves out of those who are willing to accept a government handout.

One of the results of cheap policies of this kind, which include maternity benefits, is the likelihood that many more young girls and ladies will be encouraged to have illegitimate babies. How could you do better than to pay $4.00 a month for the ability to have a baby at little or no cost? If I remember correctly, depending on targeted racial and ethnic groups in this country, the number of illegitimate children in this nation is now anywhere from 30 % to 70% of all births depending on race and income level. This means a substantial number of babies who are not aborted are going to be raised in one parent families where the norm is extreme poverty and hopelessness.

We owe it to our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to do everything we can to teach them high moral standards and to ignore the constant propaganda that bombards children with the idea that they should “sleep” with anybody they like, even if they have only just met. This kind of an attitude is disastrous for these individuals and for these individuals and for the nation as a whole. You and I need to do everything we can to turn this awful tide.


With approximately one million, two hundred thousand workers losing their full-time jobs every month, there is a considerable likelihood another bust in housing prices is likely in the next two to three years. There will be less eligible buyers.

Another issue is that statistics show the number of young families buying houses for the first time is at an all time low.

One likely reason the market is currently reasonably stable is historically low-interest rates which make payments more affordable for those who still have full-time jobs. When interest rates rise, the housing market will be hurt.

If you own personal or rental real estate, contact us. We may be able to share ideas that may help you to utilize these properties in the safest and most profitable ways possible.


You may be interested in knowing that since the inflationary period beginning around 1980, the compensation of working people has increased by about 5.4%. Within this same period, roughly 34 years, productivity has grown by approximately 74.5%. When you recognize that the value of the dollar over this same time frame has now been reduced to about one-third of what it was in 1980, you can see how individuals and families are being tremendously squeezed in order to make ends meet.

It is critically important we make the best possible use of the money we are able to earn, to cut taxes as much as possible, and to take full advantage of opportunities as they occur. These are the goals I am dedicated to helping my clients accomplish.

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