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Newsletter June 2014

“Experiencing Success One Good Idea at a Time”

A Medical Wake-up Call

A highly literate senior individual from Mesa, Arizona recently wrote a poignant letter. He experienced what he called a “fairly radical prostate surgery.” Tissue tests revealed he had a “benign “tumor. His experience was like that of most others. He became incontinent (no longer able to control his urine), and impotent (unable to make love). In addition, he experienced frequent urinary infections as a result of the surgery. One of these recurring infections led him on an emergency basis to the hospital.

He was smart enough to ask the doctor at the hospital if he had been admitted for observation, or if he was there for treatment. You will remember, in a previous newsletter, I mentioned, if you are admitted for observation and you are covered by Medicare, Medicare will not pay the bill. By immediately leaving the hospital he avoided a number of highly expensive tests that would have been completely unnecessary due to the fact that a simple antibiotic would have solved the problem.

This information is also meant to remind those who are 70 or older that a colonoscopy is no longer available under Obamacare. That can be a good thing. This is a dangerous and unnecessary procedure. In addition, individuals age 76 and older will no longer be eligible for cancer treatment. This may be another blessing. If any person is willing to take responsibility for his own health, it is rare that a medical condition cannot be avoided or resolved without even seeing a doctor and at far less expense. I’m not a doctor. I don’t pretend or act in the capacity of a doctor. However, I would certainly be willing to share what I have learned in 47 years of research with anyone who is interested.


According to AARP, approximately 40% of baby boomers believe they will be required to work as long as they live due to being short the finances they need to draw a passive income that would be adequate to maintain their lifestyle. Be aware, 1957 was the peak of the baby boom. As we speak, 10,000 people per day reach age 65. This trend will likely continue for approximately 10 to 15 years. It is a great honor and pleasure that I have been able to help so many clients avoid being in the horrible position where they lack the necessary funds and are too old to return to the workforce in order to fix the problem.


You may not realize that IRA’s and 401k’s and all similar programs have several guarantees. They guarantee that the manager of the funds will make money, the mutual fund or insurance company will make money, and the government will collect taxes. All of those are 100% guaranteed. Is there anyone who has no guarantee and who also takes all the risks? You guessed it—you and me.


In July 2014 the provisions of FATCA should be fully implemented. The United States is only one of two countries in the entire world, the other being Eritrea, which taxes its citizens even if they live and work in other countries.

The FATCA law is now being implemented by countries all over the world. Its effect is to imprison Americans and prevent them from working and living over seas. It is becoming nearly impossible for an American to open a bank account outside of the United States because of the onerous reporting and tax issues imposed on foreign banks. As a result, a significant number of Americans, who we would consider middle class, are renouncing their American citizenship at an increasing rate. Though this number is only several thousand per year at present, it is accelerating rapidly. It is a sign of troubling times.

Many people advocate an individual should have a citizenship in one country, bank accounts in another, and business interests in a third. This sounds reasonable, however, I don’t personally know of a country that has a history of freedom the equivalent to ours. As a result, moving to any other country is likely to solve some problems and create others which could be conceivably worse.

To me, the most important thing we can do is to become financially stable and independent within our own country, so that we can ride out the present and growing problem with a reasonable level of security.  Part of my job, as I see it, is to make sure we have the flexibility to protect ourselves in changing circumstances and to prosper even when others are endangered because they do not understand the times because they have been willingly blind.


The real difference between a free man and a slave is the fact that a slave has no right to protect his own life, family, and property. Every government which wishes to enslave its own people first disarms the citizens. I know of no exceptions to this rule except for current examples when people are in the process of losing the right to own and bear arms but where that process is not yet complete.

Our present administration has promised that they will not pass any laws to disarm the American public. Instead, the US state department is now working to develop international treaties which would require American citizens to disarm themselves with the alternative of facing jail or death. In this way, the administration can properly claim that it never passed a law disarming the American public and that the issue is out of their hands.

These new international treaties will accomplish a number of things. The first will be to prohibit the sale of firearms and ammunition to the American public. The next will be to prohibit the transfer of firearms ownership from one person to another. The last step will be complete confiscation. All of that will be justified by promising those steps are necessary to keep us safe from terrorists.

It is important, as citizens, that we be alert to these kinds of developments and resist every vicious and unconstitutional attempt to enslave Americans.



We defend our President……………………………with guns

We defend our Congressmen………………………with guns

We defend our Governors…………………………..with guns

We defend our celebrities…………………………..with guns

We defend our sporting events…………………….with  guns

We defend our jewelry stores………………………with guns

We defend our banks………………………………….with guns

We defend our office buildings…………………….with guns

We defend our factories………………………………with guns

We defend our courts…………………………………..with guns


We defend our children………………..with a sign that reads:



…and then call someone with a gun if there’s an emergency.



For a long time, I have wondered why the salaries of CEO’s running public companies have risen from several hundred thousand dollars per year to many millions per year. It seems the answer is fairly simple. Some time back, the government required companies to publish the amount they were paying CEO’s. Once this information was known, companies have been outbidding one another in the payment of executives as a matter of prestige.

As in all interference in private affairs by government agencies, distortions are created. As a result, there is often no correlation between the performance of an executive and the salary he is paid. However, when executive pay is related to the profitability of the company, there is a strong correlation.


Finally, another use for computers which can be life saving, and which could save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The idea is simple. Just imagine going to a doctor with certain symptoms when you are feeling ill. Suppose he says to you, “I’ve seen 400 people with those exact symptoms. You have the flu”. It is amazing how quickly you could deal with the problem once you know what it is. Such a conversation would prevent perhaps thousands of dollars worth of tests and avoid long delays before the doctor finally gives you his diagnosis.

Such a procedure is being developed using computers. It may already be available. You just simply dial into a certain website and type in your symptoms. The computer can tell you, by this same line of reasoning, what your problem is likely to be. It will also tell you the probability that the diagnosis is correct. For instance, if the computer gives you a 95% probability that you have a certain problem, you can be pretty confident to move ahead in solving the problem.

For most people, this process will avoid long lines in a doctor’s office plus expenses, as well as sometimes misguided treatments and medications. For most people, this whole process should prove to be a Godsend.

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