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Newsletter March 2015

March Newsletter 2015

“Experiencing Success One Good Idea at a Time”

Scientists are just people. Many are willing to close their eyes to the truth if accepting the truth would mean they would lose money or would even cost them their jobs. There are a number of scientists around the world who are being paid to publicize the myth of global warming. Nothing anyone can say and no evidence anyone can present will change their minds if accepting the truth means funding would stop. It amazes me to see how many people accept myths such as this simply because they are repeated over and over again.

Reportedly, it was an army Major in the Northern army during the Northern War of Aggression who first made that observation. In Nazi Germany, Goebbels picked up the same notion. In effect, they both said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, most people will believe it.” It is sad to realize that our legislators are violating our Constitution in order to push a resolution to address this nonexistent problem. The cost we are paying as citizens and as consumers are high and increasing.

In regard to political solutions to non-existent problems……..


I see part of my responsibility to clients is to help separate fact from myth so they can make sound decisions and see the future more clearly.

Even issues that don’t seem, at first blush, to be related to finances can have a substantial effect on our personal and financial well-being.

Encourage people you care about to call me. Perhaps there is some way I can be of help.


You may recall that, in the 1970’s, there were a number of cars which achieved something like 50 miles per gallon. The Federal Government forced these cars out of the market by requiring the manufacturers to add significant amounts of steel to make them more “crash survivable”, plus the addition of airbags and other things that many people would not even care to own. As a result, the cars became so heavy that the distance traveled on a gallon of gasoline dropped significantly. Despite all those obstacles, technology has increased the efficiency of cars, so the miles traveled per gallon are increasing. Think about how much more the progress would have been without all the obstacles the government has created.

The following quote relates to this issue and many others.
“Why would you want to go to the person who created the problem in order to seek a solution for the problem?”
—Albert Einstein

It is smart to renew the origin of a given problem. In many instances, when the government is the cause of a problem, we can discuss ways to overcome problems and prosper in the process.

Most people follow the crowd in making poor financial decisions. Ninety-five per-cent of all Americans fail financially as a result.
Let us help you become one of the five-per-cent who follow proven procedures that work.

Contact us. We can help you devise the most effective strategies and give you access to the most appropriate resources needed to achieve your financial goals.

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