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Newsletter November 2015

“Experiencing Success One Good Idea at a Time”

What you Probably Haven’t and Wouldn’t be Taught
about Wealth—and Should Be

Dr. Sherwood Kaip

Less Wealth (Poverty)
Let us briefly consider ‘poverty’. Strictly speaking, poverty does not exist, in the same sense that cold and peace do not exist. When molecules vibrate, that is called heat; and the faster they vibrate, the hotter the substance. Heat exists. When we speak of ‘cold’, we really mean less (a lack of) heat. Likewise with ‘peace’. Conflict is what can exist. Peace is simply less (a lack of) or no conflict. Likewise with ‘poverty’. Wealth (getting what you want the way you want it when you want it) is what exists. Poverty is a lack of wealth.
There are many ways to lose wealth (become poor if you still wish to think this way). But, other than satisfying your wants directly through your own efforts, there is only one honest way to wealth (‘get out of poverty’ if you still wish to think this way) and that is by giving favors to others so you can get favors (wealth) from them.
It is invalid to ascribe some moral or other judgment to various levels of wealth. You have to know why people are where they are on the wealth scale to make any halfway reasonable judgment. Is she ‘poor’ because she was fired from her last three jobs for theft, or is she ‘poor’ because her husband abandoned her and she can’t take an executive position involving travel and overtime because she has her small children to take care of? Is he’s ‘wealthy’ because he’s the drug lord who killed his competition, or did he invent polaroid for sunglasses and scientific instruments, and also the Instant Camera? Edwin Land did this.

I encourage you to think over this philosophy. Success is available to those who seek it.

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