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Paul Billingsly

Retired Farrier
Approximate date you started with Bill Lenderman:
Feb. 2008
What were your biggest doubts or concerns when you first heard about Bill Lenderman?
Was everything on the up and up.
What did you experience as a result of using Bill Lenderman’s service?
The savings on interest and the growth over time is the most important. I wish that I would have started it 30 years earlier instead of at 60.
If you’ve used your policy to finance any purchases yourself, can you tell us what you’ve used it for and how it made you feel?
We have used it to buy a car and also to finance several investments.
Would you recommend Bill Lenderman? If so, why?
I have recommended Bank On Yourself to friends and family.
Is there anything you’d like to add? Please feel free to include your experience with Bill Lenderman.
My adviser Bill Lenderman has been very helpful, and I’ve used a lot of his time.

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